Be still. Take a breath. Slowly – in and out.

Picture God stepping off the highest throne, reaching out to you, and drawing you close.

Feel the deep embrace of God and hear God saying, “You are loved.”

You are loved.

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He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the one who is firstborn from among the dead so that he might occupy the first place in everything.

Because all the fullness of God was pleased to live in him, and he reconciled all things to himself through him— whether things on earth or in the heavens. He brought peace through the blood of his cross.

Colossians 1:18-20

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Jesus was first with God at the beginning, and remains first with God throughout creation, and even in death. All of this was so that Jesus would be first in everything.

Think about your life today. Would Jesus be first in your life based on everything you did today?

It can be so tempting to place all kinds of things before our faith. School, sports, games, Instagram, SnapChat, family, and so much more pulls us in all different directions. When we are so focused on our longest streak, our most-liked photos, and winning the next game, it is easy to put other things on the back burner – including Jesus.

What would it look like today if you put aside something from the schedule and spent some more time listening for Jesus in your life?

Melissa Kessler

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Dear God, I know that part of life is prioritizing so many things. Help me to remember to put you first today and every day. I want you to be pleased to live in me, too. Amen.

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God’s kingdom is nothing like we would expect, and Jesus acts nothing like the king that everyone was waiting for.

Because of that, we are able to live our lives in a way that the world least expects – forgiving, praying, serving, and loving those around us.

Go and live differently. Live the life to which God calls you.

Melissa Kessler

Rev. Melissa Kessler is Associate Pastor at Grandin Court Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA. She loves working with children and youth and helping everyone find their gifts to serve God. She has lived all over the world and really wants to go to every continent – and yes, that includes Antarctica!

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