We too must walk the road to Jerusalem

with our Lord beside — with Jesus, our Guide.

It is a road we must all travel —

the place where we must go to lay down ourselves,

so that we may be raised up together with Christ in new life.

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Give thanks to the Lord because he is good, because his faithful love lasts forever. Let Israel say it: “God’s faithful love lasts forever!”

Open the gates of righteousness for me so I can come in and give thanks to the Lord! This is the Lord’s gate; those who are righteous enter through it.

Psalm 118:1-2, 19-20

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The Energizer Bunny which first represented a long-lasting battery has come to symbolize anything that goes on for an indefinite period of time. In commercials featuring the pink toy bunny, it “just keeps going and going and going” long after all its competitors have stopped operating. In reality, we know that batteries, no matter how long-lasting, will eventually die and have to be replaced.

The Psalmist reminds us that God’s love and faithfulness have no expiration date, that they truly keep going and going and going. The Psalmist is sure, and we can be also, that God’s love, no matter what, never quits, and for that we should be thankful.

Friends will come and friends will go;
you hope they’ll stay but you never know.
When it comes to God, though,
the same is not so.
God, your forever friend, will never leave or let you go.
Of this you can be sure:
There will always be a steady flow
of God’s love and faithfulness.
Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. And forevermore.

Kathy Culmer

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Loving God, how grateful I am for your forever love. Help me to love as you love, unconditionally and without judgment, and let my life and my loving be a thanks offering, pleasing and acceptable to you. Amen.

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Love has made a way. Choose it.

Love has made a way. Walk in it.

Love has made a way. Share it.

Do not fear going to Jerusalem or laying down your life for the sake of others. Jesus has made a way, shown us the way, and will be our way through.

Kathy Culmer

Kathy Culmer is an author, professional storyteller, speaker, teacher, and retreat leader. She offers storytelling performances and workshops for educational, religious, and corporate audiences. Kathy is the editor of Yes, Jesus Loves Me: 31 Love Stories, has traveled to The Gambia in West Africa as part of a biblical storytelling mission trip, and recently returned from a biblical storytelling pilgrimage to the Holy Land. She recently earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Storytelling in a Digital Culture. 

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