We too must walk the road to Jerusalem

with our Lord beside — with Jesus, our Guide.

It is a road we must all travel —

the place where we must go to lay down ourselves,

so that we may be raised up together with Christ in new life.

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When they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage on the Mount of Olives, Jesus gave two disciples a task. He said to them, “Go into the village over there. As soon as you enter, you will find a donkey tied up and a colt with it. Untie them and bring them to me. If anybody says anything to you, say that the Lord needs it.” He sent them off right away.

Matthew 21:1-3

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An apprentice is a person who learns a job by working with someone who is very good at that job. The goal is to become so good that the apprentice can someday do the job as well as the teacher. It requires careful observation, a willingness to follow instructions, and a lot of practice.

A disciple is much like an apprentice. He or she strives to learn from a master the necessary skills required to do what the teacher does. Obedience is a key part of discipleship. It shows trust, a commitment to follow, and a denial of self.

The task that Jesus gave the disciples seemed simple enough. Go. Find. Untie. Bring. Without question, they obeyed. It would be their job once he was gone – to go, find, share the good news, and bring to Christ. Without him, how would they know where to go and what to do? Jesus would show them the way and give them the words to say. He had already gone before them and prepared the way.

Kathy Culmer

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Obedience can be hard, O God. Help me to seek your will, discern your will, have the courage and willingness to obey your will, and to resist those things that tempt me to stray from doing your will. Amen.

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Love has made a way. Choose it.

Love has made a way. Walk in it.

Love has made a way. Share it.

Do not fear going to Jerusalem or laying down your life for the sake of others. Jesus has made a way, shown us the way, and will be our way through.

Kathy Culmer

Kathy Culmer is an author, professional storyteller, speaker, teacher, and retreat leader. She offers storytelling performances and workshops for educational, religious, and corporate audiences. Kathy is the editor of Yes, Jesus Loves Me: 31 Love Stories, has traveled to The Gambia in West Africa as part of a biblical storytelling mission trip, and recently returned from a biblical storytelling pilgrimage to the Holy Land. She recently earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Storytelling in a Digital Culture. 

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