We too must walk the road to Jerusalem

with our Lord beside — with Jesus, our Guide.

It is a road we must all travel —

the place where we must go to lay down ourselves,

so that we may be raised up together with Christ in new life.

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The disciples went and did just as Jesus had ordered them. They brought the donkey and the colt and laid their clothes on them. Then he sat on them.

Matthew 21:6-7

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When children obey their parents, it makes parents feel good, loved, and appreciated, but when children show some extra kindness without being asked, it makes parents feel really special. Going out of our way for others or putting someone’s happiness above our own is an undeniable sign of loyalty and love.

We read little in scripture about the disciples doing anything for Jesus beyond what they are told. On this occasion, though, when they brought the colt to Jesus to ride into Jerusalem, they lay their own clothes on the animals’ back to acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and to add a small bit of comfort as he rode towards his final destination on earth. It was a sacrificial act, but nothing that compared to the sacrifice Jesus would make.

Following Jesus will cost us something — maybe friends, money, comfort, embarrassment, not having our own way. We may even have to give up or take on something we don’t want to. It will not always be easy or fun, but it will be worth it.

Kathy Culmer

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Generous and loving God, sometimes I forget how much you sacrificed for me and how little you ask in return from me. Help me to remember that the good I do for others is my offering to you. It is the way I say “thank you” to you and “I love you” to my neighbor. Amen.

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Love has made a way. Choose it.

Love has made a way. Walk in it.

Love has made a way. Share it.

Do not fear going to Jerusalem or laying down your life for the sake of others. Jesus has made a way, shown us the way, and will be our way through.

Kathy Culmer

Kathy Culmer is an author, professional storyteller, speaker, teacher, and retreat leader. She offers storytelling performances and workshops for educational, religious, and corporate audiences. Kathy is the editor of Yes, Jesus Loves Me: 31 Love Stories, has traveled to The Gambia in West Africa as part of a biblical storytelling mission trip, and recently returned from a biblical storytelling pilgrimage to the Holy Land. She recently earned a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Storytelling in a Digital Culture. 

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