Scripture provides us with many ways — or postures — for approaching God.

Like in yoga or ballet, we can practice these postures. Breathing, stretching, bowing, moving, reaching.

Open yourself up to embracing the many different postures that we find within Scripture.

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I will give signs in the heavens and on the earth—blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. But everyone who calls on the Lord’s name will be saved; for on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be security, as the Lord has promised; and in Jerusalem, the Lord will summon those who survive.

Joel 2:30-32

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Fear is a real and tangible aspect of our lives. Every day we wake up to more news of killing, death, racism, hatred, violence, war, and so much more. Some days it feels like the news might as well be that the moon is blood!

While the posture of fear is one we can all identify with, God calls us to move through and beyond it. Remaining fearful is dangerous. Fear leads us to make irrational choices, to be blind to the image of God in others. Fear causes us to become self-centered and to hate those who are different.

Prior to these verses, God reassures the people that there is no reason to fear. It is a reminder that God has to give to humans over and over throughout the biblical narrative. And that reminder does not stop today. In what ways is God encouraging you to move beyond the posture of fear?

Katie Gilbert

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Lord, help me not to be overcome by fear. Even when the world seems ugly, remind me that you call us not to be afraid. Help me to show that love is greater than fear. Amen.

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Know that no matter what posture you come with today, you are loved.

Silent, proud, humble, exhausted, alone, fearful, in awe.

May you go out into the world practicing each of these postures and exploring the ways that they draw you ever closer to the God who created you and loves you.


Katie Gilbert

Rev. Katie Gilbert currently serves as Director of Invitation and Outreach at First United Methodist Church of Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys spending time with her husband Matt, her 17 month old daughter, Harper, and their crazy Boston Terrier, Lennon. They love to travel the world, eat good food, and spend time with family.

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