Ordinary Time


God is calling us to listen. God wants us to see what God is doing. Today whether for the first time or the thousandth time, we need to hear Christ inviting us to follow.


You, divine beings! Give to the Lord— give to the Lord glory and power! Give to the Lord the glory due his name! Bow down to the Lord in holy splendor!

The Lord’s voice is over the waters; the glorious God thunders; the Lord is over the mighty waters.

Psalm 29:1-3


When Sherman Murphy comes to talk about his desire to be baptized, he is seventy years old. He has an artificial hip and weighs about 250 pounds. He is concerned about not being dropped. I pretend not to be concerned.

On the day of his baptism we have people on both ends of the baptistery to keep him from drowning. When the time comes, he goes under the water just fine. Going under is easy. I say a prayer as he comes up out of the water.

Sherman is smiling from ear to ear, right there in the baptistery.

I ask him later, “Sherman, when you came up out of the water you were smiling so big. Were you surprised I got you back up?”

Sherman answers, “I wasn’t smiling at you. I was smiling at Jesus.”

I smile too, but I am embarrassed that I have forgotten what baptism can mean.

The Lord’s voice has been over the waters since the beginning of creation. God is always inviting us to worship and smile.

Brett Younger


God, may I listen today and hear you inviting me to live in your goodness and smile. Amen.


Remember who you are. You are God’s child.

Live with God’s compassion, God’s hope, God’s joy, God’s love, God’s blessing.