By God’s grace, just as you are:

You are here.

You are known.

You are loved.

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The Lord will rescue the people of Jacob and deliver them from the power of those stronger than they are. They will come shouting for joy on the hills of Zion, jubilant over the Lord’s gifts: grain, wine, oil, flocks, and herds. Their lives will be like a lush garden; they will grieve no more. Then the young women will dance for joy; the young and old men will join in. I will turn their mourning into laughter and their sadness into joy; I will comfort them.

Jeremiah 31:11-13

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Have you ever heard someone laugh and it made you laugh? Without even knowing what they were laughing about, you cracked up too. There are those laughs that begin with a wheeze and become a chuckle. Or how about those laughs that ripple over and over. And my favorite are those laughs that seem to be winding down, but then wind back up again. The best laughs are those that come from someplace deep within. They don’t have to be loud, but they are big and full.

The prophet Jeremiah says when God brings God’s people back from exile, God will “turn their mourning into laughter.” Right now, it may be hard to laugh, like really laugh. Perhaps these verses can remind us that to be loved by God means we can have joy, big and full. And thankfully, that joy can be shared, just like laughter.

Tasha Gibson

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Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for being the source of my joy. Turn my mourning into laughter, so that today I may share your joy with those who long to laugh again. Amen.

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Before you knew it, you were loved. Now, let the love of God help you live like you are loved today.

Tasha Gibson

Tasha Gibson is a native of Indianapolis, IN. She currently lives in Birmingham, AL with her amazing dog, Callie. She serves as the Coordinator of Children’s Programs at Passport. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sports, movies, and sewing.

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