By God’s grace, just as you are:

You are here.

You are known.

You are loved.

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I will sing of the Lord’s loyal love forever. I will proclaim your faithfulness with my own mouth from one generation to the next. That’s why I say, “Your loyal love is rightly built—forever! You establish your faithfulness in heaven.” You said, “I made a covenant with my chosen one; I promised my servant David: ‘I will establish your offspring forever; I will build up your throne from one generation to the next.’” Selah

Psalm 89:1-4

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There is this old phrase that says “talk is cheap.” It’s like saying our words only mean something when they match our own actions. But sometimes talk is not cheap. The psalmist says “I will proclaim your faithfulness with my own mouth…” The psalmist doesn’t say “I will tell God how great I am,” or “I will tell someone else to say how great God is.” In other words, the psalmist says: with my own mouth, in my own words, I will say how faithful, how loyal the love of God is.

Those words have value, not because of our own actions, but because of God’s. We are loved by God, not because of anything that we do, but because God is faithful. And when we say so, even in the midst of uncertainty, our words are not cheap but point to a reality that is valuable beyond measure.

Tasha Gibson

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Living Word, I praise you for giving yourself for me and for the salvation of the world. Help my own words have value today, not for my own accolades or credit, but for your glory. Amen.

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Before you knew it, you were loved. Now, let the love of God help you live like you are loved today.

Tasha Gibson

Tasha Gibson is a native of Indianapolis, IN. She currently lives in Birmingham, AL with her amazing dog, Callie. She serves as the Coordinator of Children’s Programs at Passport. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sports, movies, and sewing.

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