Time spent together is often the best gift we can give. Take a moment to express gratefulness for those who have given you the gift of presence.

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You do well when you really fulfill the royal law found in scripture, Love your neighbor as yourself. But when you show favoritism, you are committing a sin, and by that same law you are exposed as a lawbreaker. Anyone who tries to keep all of the Law but fails at one point is guilty of failing to keep all of it. The one who said, Don’t commit adultery, also said, Don’t commit murder. So if you don’t commit adultery but do commit murder, you are a lawbreaker. In every way, then, speak and act as people who will be judged by the law of freedom. There will be no mercy in judgment for anyone who hasn’t shown mercy. Mercy overrules judgment.

James 2:8-13

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I have learned that baking is really one big science experiment. All the ingredients must be measured out carefully. Even small adjustments can make a big difference in how your bread or cake comes out. Baking is not the time to be generous with any ingredient. You must be careful, reserved, and use only the amount allowed in the recipe.

Faith, on the other hand, is very different. When James tells us to not show favoritism, he is referring to how we measure out the love and acceptance we extend to others. In other words, don’t just carefully measure out love only for those like you or those whom you love. Love with wild abandon... those you love, those you resent, your friends, those who don’t like you, your family, your neighbors, even those who others say are unworthy of your love. Sometimes the call to be together may just mean being in community with someone you don’t like.

To whom might you unexpectedly measure out a generous amount of Christian love today?

Dale Tadlock

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Gracious God, there are some people I just find hard to love. You know who they are. Yet, your call to love without favoritism is clear but frustrating. Open my eyes to those around me who may, in my eyes, be least deserving of my love. Allow me to express love to them today with an abundance of love, mercy, and grace. Amen.

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To whom might you give the gift of time and presence today?

Go with the assurance of God’s presence, acceptance, and desire to be together with you and those around you.

Go in peace!

Dale Tadlock

Dale Tadlock is the Coordinator of Youth Programs at Passport Camps and coordinates the PASSPORTmissions Team each summer. When he isn’t at Passport, he loves baking for others, cooking with his family, and playing with his family’s one-year-old goldendoodle dog, Ellie.

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