Time spent together is often the best gift we can give. Take a moment to express gratefulness for those who have given you the gift of presence.

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My brothers and sisters, what good is it if people say they have faith but do nothing to show it? Claiming to have faith can’t save anyone, can it? Imagine a brother or sister who is naked and never has enough food to eat. What if one of you said, “Go in peace! Stay warm! Have a nice meal!”? What good is it if you don’t actually give them what their body needs? In the same way, faith is dead when it doesn’t result in faithful activity.

Someone might claim, “You have faith and I have action.” But how can I see your faith apart from your actions? Instead, I’ll show you my faith by putting it into practice in faithful action.

James 2:14-18

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In the world we live in now it is so easy to see an article about injustice or something that causes us to feel that we must respond and then simply hit the infamous “share” button. Passing along information to inform others surely is a good thing. However, when we read today’s scripture passage I must wonder: If all I do is “share” and don’t take any action, am I really responding faithfully?

Our faith should always call us to action, not just to react. If there is an injustice, we need to work for justice. If there is misinformation, search and share the truth. When there are expressions of hopelessness, a call or personal touch to restore hope should be in order. Even when we can’t physically be together, we can still work together as we respond in faith to the needs around us.

May we never let a social media “share” button replace our faithful response to the world around us. Our faith demands nothing less.

Dale Tadlock

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God of Justice, when I sense your call to action, please give me the courage to adjust my faith and life in a way that is true to your call. Continue to stretch me in my faith and in the ways that I respond to the world around me. Amen.

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To whom might you give the gift of time and presence today?

Go with the assurance of God’s presence, acceptance, and desire to be together with you and those around you.

Go in peace!

Dale Tadlock

Dale Tadlock is the Coordinator of Youth Programs at Passport Camps and coordinates the PASSPORTmissions Team each summer. When he isn’t at Passport, he loves baking for others, cooking with his family, and playing with his family’s one-year-old goldendoodle dog, Ellie.

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