Ordinary Time


Time spent together is often the best gift we can give. Take a moment to express gratefulness for those who have given you the gift of presence.


But the Lord rules forever! He assumes his throne for the sake of justice. He will establish justice in the world rightly; he will judge all people fairly. The Lord is a safe place for the oppressed— a safe place in difficult times.

Psalm 9:7-9


If we are honest with each other, the last few months have been difficult. The isolation, chaos, confusion, and a multitude of emotions have been discouraging and frustrating. However, when I read today’s passage I am reminded that all is not lost. While what most of us have experienced is not oppression, we are reminded in Psalm 9:9 that God is a safe place in difficult times.

How have you discovered God’s safety during these tough days? Take a moment and make a list in your mind... how have you rediscovered God’s refuge and care? In quiet moments alone? In conversations with those who you haven’t been together with in a long time? In Scripture?

Take a moment and thank God for those sacred moments.

Dale Tadlock


God of Refuge, thank you for the sacred moments over the last few months that have reminded me of my safety in you. Whether alone or together with others, continue to encourage, challenge, and protect me as I try to make sense of the world around me. Amen.


To whom might you give the gift of time and presence today?

Go with the assurance of God’s presence, acceptance, and desire to be together with you and those around you.

Go in peace!