Stop for a moment. Lift your eyes. Become aware of the needs around you.

Who are your neighbors? How might you share your life with them this week?

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“The Lord is merciful and compassionate, very patient, and full of faithful love. The Lord is good to everyone and everything; God’s compassion extends to all his handiwork!”

Psalm 145:8-9

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What if we worked every day to become more like God? Merciful. Compassionate. Patient. Full of faithful love.

How much would our lives, our communities, and our world be transformed if we extended compassion and grace to our neighbors?

In the difficult days that we have experienced lately, I’ve been reminded that there is deep goodness around us when someone takes care of a neighbor or when we work together to meet a need. No matter the circumstances that we face, we can take comfort knowing that our God is good. And perhaps this understanding can move us to a place of action, where we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our own communities.

What if we sought to be the unmistakable presence of Jesus with unending compassion and love for our neighbors and our world?

Mary Katherine Johnson

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God, thank you for your unending mercy, compassion, patience, and love. Help me to share your compassion and love with my neighbors and my world. Amen.

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Go today with your eyes wide open and a new awareness to the needs of others around you.

Look for ways to Be With your neighbors today... even if not face to face.

And the wisdom and strength of Christ, who is With You always, be your guide.

Mary Katherine Johnson

Mary Katherine Johnson is an Instructional Coach at an elementary school in Gainesville, GA. She served eight summers with Passport Camps in various capacities. In her spare time, Mary Katherine is attempting to learn to play the violin.

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