Stop for a moment. Lift your eyes. Become aware of the needs around you.

Who are your neighbors? How might you share your life with them this week?

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The Lord supports all who fall down, straightens up all who are bent low. All eyes look to you, hoping, and you give them their food right on time, opening your hand and satisfying the desire of every living thing.

Psalm 145:14-16

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The last several months have brought countless reminders of God’s faithfulness in my life and in the lives of people whom I love. During the most difficult days, there have been moments of unexplainable peace that I can only attribute to God.

The psalmist gives us a beautiful reminder that when we face adversity, uncertainty, and pain, God is with us. When the situation in which we find ourselves becomes overwhelming, God supports us and provides for us in just the right time. What a comforting promise of a faithful, loving, and compassionate God with arms open wide.

God is always ready to embrace us and meet our needs! Just on time. May we all take comfort in this reminder today!

Mary Katherine Johnson

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God, thank you for the promise that you are always with me. Help me to be aware of your faithful love as I move throughout the day. Amen.

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Go today with your eyes wide open and a new awareness to the needs of others around you.

Look for ways to Be With your neighbors today... even if not face to face.

And the wisdom and strength of Christ, who is With You always, be your guide.

Mary Katherine Johnson

Mary Katherine Johnson is an Instructional Coach at an elementary school in Gainesville, GA. She served eight summers with Passport Camps in various capacities. In her spare time, Mary Katherine is attempting to learn to play the violin.

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