You are loved unconditionally.

God loves you unconditionally.

Today, let us trust in this love.

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You are definitely my rock and my fortress. Guide me and lead me for the sake of your good name! Get me out of this net that’s been set for me because you are my protective fortress. I entrust my spirit into your hands; you, Lord, God of faithfulness— you have saved me.

Psalm 31:3-5

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Where do you go when life gets difficult? Do you turn to your friends? Do you turn to your parents? Or do you keep to yourself and not share? All of us respond differently to stress.

The Psalmist writes of his action plan for hard times: taking refuge in God. He knows that God can hold his problems. He knows that God can take care of his problems. He knows that God is with him in his problems. So, the next step is letting go — to exchange worry for hope and to leave behind despair for the blessings that only God can bring.

We too can turn to this awesome power. God can do the same in our lives through our surrender. We don’t have to face our difficult moments alone.

Elizabeth Evans Hagan

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God, teach me to lean on your strength. Even when life feels hard, you never leave me. I can trust you and let go of my worries. Amen.

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Believe in God.

Believe in Jesus.

Trust the Spirit is with you.

Elizabeth Evans Hagan

Rev. Elizabeth Evans Hagan is an interim minister serving churches in the Washington DC area. She’s the author Birthed: Finding Grace Through Infertility about her journey to become a parent. At home, she loves to be married to Kevin and to be a mother to Amelia and any excuse to host a dinner party for friends.

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