Journey to the Cross


As Christ breaks bread, and bids us share,

each proud division ends.

The love that made us, makes us one,

and strangers now are friends.


“I Come with Joy” (Episcopal Hymnal 1982)


Look at how good and pleasing it is when families live together as one!

Psalm 133:1


The seal of the United States of America has the words “E Pluribus Unum” or “Out of many, one,” written on it. Like in other countries, people of the United States are born with many differences, including different beliefs, thoughts, and opinions. You may be friends with somebody with different political beliefs. Being so drastically different from someone else can make you feel like you’re experiencing two different worlds.

As people of one country under the same flag, we are all one people who need to learn how to get along and respect each other. All countries’ people are one under God’s watchful and loving eye. You and everyone else are one family under God. Our psalmist reminds us how good it is when we live that way: respecting each other and learning to be one.

GCOYP Episcopal Youth

Question to Ponder:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being one under God?


Dear God, I struggle to understand people when we do not agree. Remind me that no matter how much I disagree with someone, we are one people. Help us be one under God, better together than we are apart.



Together met, together bound

by all that God has done,

we’ll go with joy, to give the world

the love that makes us one.


 “I Come with Joy” (Episcopal Hymnal 1982)