Ordinary Time


What is saving you today?

Center yourself with a few deep breaths.

Think of God’s grace – God’s unmerited favor.

“The grace of God does not find [people] fit for salvation, but makes them so.” (St. Augustine of Hippo)


I will bless the Lord who advises me; even at night I am instructed in the depths of my mind. I always put the Lord in front of me; I will not stumble because he is on my right side. That’s why my heart celebrates and my mood is joyous; yes, my whole body will rest in safety because you won’t abandon my life to the grave; you won’t let your faithful follower see the pit.

You teach me the way of life. In your presence is total celebration. Beautiful things are always in your right hand.

Psalm 16:7-11


Blessed Assurance… Jesus is mine! Gosh, I hope you know that song. It was written by Fanny Crosby, a blind song writer from the 1800s. She wrote over 8000 hymns, and this one is my favorite. I often sit in my darkened living room and play it on the guitar. The lyrics express God’s assurance saying that we as Christians are “Heirs of salvation, purchase of God, born in his spirit, and washed in his blood” (Fanny Crosby in “Blessed Assurance,” 1873).

Today’s verses speak of salvation – of confidence that we will not be abandoned but will know the path of life. It makes me smile knowing that the God of the universe has me, every part of me, every day of my life.

Do you feel the assurance of your faith? Some days are certainly harder than others. If today is a hard day, push through knowing God’s got you. You’ll never be abandoned. Share this with others who need to hear.

Bill Ogletree


Lord, many days I don’t feel your assurance. Life and doubt cloud my mind and heart. Help today to be different. Let me smile with the confidence of my salvation. Let others see Jesus in me. Amen.


Stay focused on Jesus, and work to play your position with boldness.

Consider the words of Trappist monk and theologian Thomas Merton:

“My Lord God […] I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire.”