Going Back2School this year will be different, even a little scary. So make space for God today.

Just like packing your backpack for school, carve out some time each day to be filled with God’s presence.

Breathe in… breathe out… Be still, knowing that you are God’s beloved.

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An understanding mind gains knowledge; the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

Proverbs 18:15

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If someone asked you in 2019 what your biggest fear would be in 2020, it is probably safe to assume it was not a pandemic that would turn your world upside down. The new school year begins with safety protocols in place and perhaps some trepidation about how to adjust to school during a pandemic.

These words from Proverbs provide some insight. Wisdom and understanding are to be the goals we seek. As you return to school – whether online or in person – you may encounter friends who are very fearful, while other friends may doubt the news they hear about the pandemic. You may even find folks at school who embody the words in the first two verses of Proverbs 18, “Unfriendly people look out for themselves; they bicker with sensible people. Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing their opinion.”

No matter what you encounter, these words in Proverbs provide guidance: seek to understand as best as you are able and provide a listening ear to others rather than a judgmental word. Seek to gain knowledge not only from your teachers in your classroom, but also from everyone you encounter each school day.

Josh Speight

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God, as I return to school, help me to listen to the words found in Proverbs. Help me to seek to understand and offer an ear to listen. Help me to trust you by being friendly and to seek knowledge in all of its forms. Help me to love others as you love me. Amen.

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Go now in the power of the Spirit of God, blessed to be God’s Church in the world.

Joshua Speight

Josh Speight engages ministers and congregations through his role as Manager of Leadership Development with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Atlanta. Josh is married to Becky Caswell-Speight who is Minister of Families, Faith Formation and Connection at Smoke Rise Baptist Church. Together, they have the joy of being the parents of Ainsley (15) and Evelyn (9).

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