“‘A loaf of bread,’ the Walrus said, ‘is what we chiefly need.’”

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass, 1871

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God gave orders to the skies above, opened heaven’s doors, and rained manna on them so they could eat. He gave them the very grain of heaven! Each person ate the bread of the powerful ones; God sent provisions to satisfy them. God set the east wind moving across the skies and drove the south wind by his strength. He rained meat on them as if it were dust in the air; he rained as many birds as the sand on the seashore! God brought the birds down in the center of their camp, all around their dwellings. So they ate and were completely satisfied; God gave them exactly what they had craved.

Psalm 78:23-29

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Last year, a research team at NC State analyzed the lyrics of every #1 hit song from the past 50 years to discover which themes showed up most frequently. The top themes? Loss, desire, aspiration, nostalgia, and breakups.

If you study the lyrics to Psalm 78, you’ll find a very different theme, namely the incredible works God has done. In the depth of Israel’s hunger and confusion, God “opened heaven’s doors,” “rained manna on them,” and “gave them exactly what they had craved.” Never forget that God is just as present in your life and in the world to meet your deepest cravings.

Is there any better news? The God of the universe is dwelling, healing, feeding, suffering, and imagining with you, your community, and your world. We should be singing more songs like Psalm 78! Breakups are juicy, but the reality of the living God at work in your life is just too good. Never miss the calling to live in that reality every day and to join God in those incredible works.

Blake Tommey

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God, be as present in my life and the life of this world as you were with the Israelites in the desert. In our hunger, feed us with bread from heaven and continue working to bring wholeness and peace. Help me live in the reality of your ongoing work in the world and join you in that work. Amen.

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“Bread of Heaven, Bread of Heaven,
Feed me till I want no more.”

From “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah,” 1745, by William Williams

Blake Tommey

Blake Tommey lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and serves as director of Eunoia Christian Community, a college and young adult ministry of the Baptist General Association of Virginia. Blake is also a contributing writer for fellowship! magazine, Baptist News Global, and other faith-based publications.

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