When roadblocks appear in your life, calm down and pray for God’s Spirit, the giver of hope and direction, to guide you.

Praise God that the Spirit is at work in your life.

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The apostles and the brothers and sisters throughout Judea heard that even the Gentiles had welcomed God’s word. When Peter went up to Jerusalem, the circumcised believers criticized him. They accused him, “You went into the home of the uncircumcised and ate with them!”

Acts 11:1-3

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The Gentiles or non-Jews now know about Jesus. In fact, this passage says that the Gentiles “welcomed God’s word.” The Jewish people followed the Law of Moses, or the Torah, and their law and culture embraced circumcision as a requirement for relationship with God. This procedure, which was a physical rite of passage, represented belonging to the Jewish faith.

Since it was not their cultural or religious custom, the Gentiles did not feel compelled to follow all of the instructions in the Mosaic Law, so circumcision became a barrier between the Jews and Gentiles. Peter, however, accepted the Gentiles without circumcision and even went to their homes and shared meals with them. Once Peter returned to the Jews, he was criticized.

This makes me wonder: how often do we focus on religious or cultural rules and forget that the resurrection of Jesus Christ has fulfilled the Law? We are resurrection people!

Ka’thy Gore Chappell

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God, please forgive me when I judge others for breaking rules and remind me that criticism is not my job! Help me remember that Jesus is the best model to follow, and it is in that name that I pray. Amen.

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Go with God courageously into the world to face life’s barriers.

Go with God confidently to overcome them.

Praise the Lord!

Ka'thy Gore Chappell

Ka’thy Gore Chappell is the Executive Director of Baptist Women in Ministry for NC. During her 40-year ministry experience, Ka’thy served in congregational ministry at First Baptist Church, Asheville, NC, First Baptist Church, Cary, NC, and Forest Hills Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC; worked at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond as Associate Dean of Students; and coordinated leadership development at Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC. Ka’thy has a daughter, Ali, who is married to Harrison DeHay. The couple lives in Waco, Texas. Ka’thy enjoys walking in her neighborhood, listening to music, working in the yard, and sharing good food with friends.

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