It is the nature of God to Care.

The Creator of the universe invests in our lives through direct intervention and through the care of others.

Sometimes we just need to have eyes to capture the vision, ears to catch the rhythm, and a heart to respond to God’s call.

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The Lord’s word came to Elijah: Get up and go to Zarephath near Sidon and stay there. I have ordered a widow there to take care of you. Elijah left and went to Zarephath. As he came to the town gate, he saw a widow collecting sticks. He called out to her, “Please get a little water for me in this cup so I can drink.” She went to get some water. He then said to her, “Please get me a piece of bread.”

“As surely as the Lord your God lives,” she replied, “I don’t have any food; only a handful of flour in a jar and a bit of oil in a bottle. Look at me. I’m collecting two sticks so that I can make some food for myself and my son. We’ll eat the last of the food and then die.”

1 Kings 17:8-12

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Sometimes when people ask us for help, we cannot see how we could possibly share anything.

One Sunday at church, an acquaintance said, “Wanda, there’s a young mother I’m working with who needs your help.” I said, “Really,” but my mind was already onto all of the things I needed to do the next day. “Yes, she and her children are in hiding from her husband. I need you to check on her. Here’s her address.”

I had class 60 miles away the next day, a child of my own to care for, and a full-time job. I couldn’t see how I could fit in one more thing. But coming home from class, it was almost like the car turned on its own, and I found myself in a dilapidated trailer park. I went to the end of the street, and as I got out to ask directions, a young woman and two waif-like children stuck their heads out the door. Before I could speak, she said, “Are you Wanda?” I reluctantly said, “Yes,” to which she said, “Oh good, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Wanda Kidd

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Oh God, who is not impressed with busyness or excuses, please help me respond to your call on my life, because I do not always know whom you have told that I will be coming to care for them. Make me aware that they may be waiting on me. Amen.

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Care is an engaging word. If we care, then we are compelled to respond to the needs we see around us. Sometimes it requires action, sometimes it simply calls for our presence, but it always propels us to see the world with Christ-like compassion and grace.

Remember today: we do not always know what someone is going through.

Wanda Kidd

Wanda Kidd is the collegiate engagement coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina and collegiate specialist for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Global. She is married to Dan and has two grown, married children.

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