Ordinary Time


Mercy is …

rooted in hopefulness and freely given …

empowering, liberating, and transformative …

The people who haven’t earned it, who haven’t even sought it, are the most meaningful recipients of our compassion.

Bryan Stevenson in Just Mercy (2014)


I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength because he considered me faithful. So he appointed me to ministry even though I used to speak against him, attack his people, and I was proud. But I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and without faith.

1 Timothy 1:12-13


Sometimes we are our own worst critics. We can be the most judgmental toward our faults, actions, and thoughts, hard on ourselves for what we have done in the past. I am guilty of this most days, and not only because I’m an Enneagram One with a very present inner critic in my mind.

But God shows us deep grace. God offers us unwavering forgiveness. God celebrates mercy with us and for us. Even though we have said this or done that… even though we have thought this and listened to that… even though we… even though… God shows love and mercy to all of God’s children. Just as the writer shares, Christ Jesus considers us faithful. Christ Jesus appoints and calls us to walk in the way of life and love. Christ Jesus invites us into a life of forgiveness and mercy with and for one another. Even though we feel as if we do not deserve it.

Anna Beth Cross


God of Forgiveness, may I show myself the grace you freely show to me.

May I be transformed by the life and ministry you have called me to, a life that offers love and mercy as you have given to me.



Go with love, showing compassion, offering forgiveness, seeking out kindness, sharing joy, and celebrating mercy. Amen.