Ordinary Time


Mercy is …

rooted in hopefulness and freely given …

empowering, liberating, and transformative …

The people who haven’t earned it, who haven’t even sought it, are the most meaningful recipients of our compassion.

Bryan Stevenson in Just Mercy (2014)


Our Lord’s favor poured all over me along with the faithfulness and love that are in Christ Jesus.

1 Timothy 1:14


Have you ever tried to dodge a sprinkler in a yard while walking on the sidewalk? You know, the ones that spring out of the ground you try your best to avoid in order not to get wet as you pass by. Picture one of those little sprinklers.

Now imagine a huge waterfall, such as Niagara Falls or other famous waterfalls. See the water overflowing, rushing powerfully down the rocks, spilling over the edge of the cliff. This is how the Lord’s favor is poured out. This is the power in which Christ’s faithfulness and love overwhelm our lives. It’s not squirting at us like a little sprinkler; it is completely overflowing and drenching us in order to transform us. What an image! What a gift! God’s love is so abundant that we cannot fathom the weight of its impact on our lives. God’s mercy is so bountiful that it is never ending and constantly providing new life. Praise be to God!

Anna Beth Cross


God of Living Waters, let your love pour out and overflow over me, that I may be able to share just a sprinkle of your mercy with those around me.



Go with love, showing compassion, offering forgiveness, seeking out kindness, sharing joy, and celebrating mercy. Amen.