Choosing to unplug, even for a few minutes, can be scary. What if we miss the latest tweet, post, or pic? We don’t want to be left behind in the fast-paced world of our always plugged-in friends.

As much as we like being connected to an entire world at our fingertips, it’s important to step away sometimes. Because the spiritual life is about connecting to something deeper within.

Now’s the time! Take the next few moments to reconnect, refocus, and relax. God is eager to spend time with you.

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Answer me when I cry out, my righteous God! Set me free from my troubles! Have mercy on me! Listen to my prayer!

How long, you people, will my reputation be insulted? How long will you continue to love what is worthless and go after lies? Selah

Know this: the Lord takes personal care of the faithful. The Lord will hear me when I cry out to him. So be afraid, and don’t sin! Think hard about it in your bed and weep over it! Selah

Bring righteous offerings, and trust the Lord!

Psalm 4:1-5

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Social media provides the perfect opportunity to get even, doesn’t it? Maybe you’ve been a victim of someone’s mean post. Maybe you’ve been the one posting something you wish you could take back. Unfortunately, we all know there isn’t a way to erase something we’ve said or done. Acting out of frustration, embarrassment, or anger has a tendency to create more problems than we can ever imagine.

In this psalm, we hear the cry of someone being falsely accused. The psalmist’s concern here is for his reputation, which is no small matter. But the psalmist knows that being in the Lord’s care means not trying to get even.

Knowing God’s love gives us the courage and trust to stand true to who God calls us to be. We live by different values, priorities, and purpose. When you are tempted to retaliate — whether online or face-to-face — step away, quiet yourself, think hard. Ponder on your relationship with Christ. Listen for God and seek the advice of those you trust.

John McCrosky

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Dear God, sometimes life can seem unfair and people can be so mean. Give me the strength to always be a reflection of your will. Help me to always trust in your steadfast love. Amen.

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When we encounter Christ, we are changed. Our faith, our hopes, our actions. Nothing is left the same.

What would happen if all we did and said reflected this transformative work that the living God is doing in us? What further changes would take place in our own hearts and in the world around us?

Go now, being bold enough to hope in this change.

John McCrosky

John McCrosky is the Director of Christian Nurture and Youth Ministry at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia. A graduate of the Presbyterian School of Christian Education, he has served Christ’s church in various capacities in multiple states. John recharges by laughing, playing, and just hanging out with his wife, Catherine and son, Sam — without whom he would be lost.

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