We are never alone. Our lives are knit together with those around us. What we do has the power to affect others. And God is present and active in our relationships and in our very being.

God is with you. Breathe deep the reality of God’s presence. Remember. Realize. God is with you.

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Now concerning meat that has been sacrificed to a false god: We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge makes people arrogant, but love builds people up. If anyone thinks they know something, they don’t yet know as much as they should know. But if someone loves God, then they are known by God.

So concerning the actual food involved in these sacrifices to false gods, we know that a false god isn’t anything in this world, and that there is no God except for the one God. Granted, there are so-called “gods,” in heaven and on the earth, as there are many gods and many lords. However, for us believers,

There is one God the Father. All things come from him, and we belong to him. And there is one Lord Jesus Christ. All things exist through him, and we live through him.

1 Corinthians 8:1-6

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You know that student; you may even be that student — the one who always knows the right answer. They raise their hand every time, and they are quick to correct others when they get something not quite right. They can either be inspiring or irritating. The truth is that we each are that student from time to time. We each have things we know just how they are “supposed” to be done, and we can be quick to correct others.

But in doing this, we often don’t leave room for the person to grow. We tell them just what they are supposed to do instead of being with them as they figure out their way forward. Acting from love is often different from acting from knowledge. Love allows others space to discover, to try things out, and even to fail. Today make a plan of how you can act from love first.

Choose love over arrogance. Choose to build others up.

Andrew Kellner

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God, sometimes I don’t always know what to do. Thank you for sending people to walk with me in love. Help me to act from love first and give others the space to grow and discover. Amen.

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Take God with you.

Live today to make God known.

Live today to serve.

Live today for others.

Andrew Kellner

The Rev. Andrew Kellner serves both as the Chaplain and Religion teacher at Saint James School in Philadelphia, PA and as the Associate Rector at Saint Christopher's Church, Gladwyne, PA. In his roles he strives to help students and adults to develop and grow their religious thinking and personal expression of faith.

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