We are never alone. Our lives are knit together with those around us. What we do has the power to affect others. And God is present and active in our relationships and in our very being.

God is with you. Breathe deep the reality of God’s presence. Remember. Realize. God is with you.

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But not everybody knows this. Some are eating this food as though it really is food sacrificed to a real idol, because they were used to idol worship until now. Their conscience is weak because it has been damaged. Food won’t bring us close to God. We’re not missing out if we don’t eat, and we don’t have any advantage if we do eat. But watch out or else this freedom of yours might be a problem for those who are weak.

1 Corinthians 8:7-9

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“I can do what I want to.” This saying may not be something we say out loud, but it is sometimes something we say to ourselves. We have a strong independent streak, and the idea that we should make a decision about what we do or don’t do based on how it will influence others is not something we often take into account. But again we are reminded that as people of faith, our lives and actions speak. They can help or they can hurt others’ search for God.

So what are we supposed to do? No one wants to go around worried all the time. Perhaps it all starts with making sure we have God in mind. Make a plan to stop several times today and just acknowledge God with you. You may even set a timer or an alarm. Remember that God is with you and that your life helps others know God too.

Andrew Kellner

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God, help me to remember that you are always with me. Help me to live a life not for myself only but a life lived for others. Help my life to speak of your love and your presence. Amen.

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Take God with you.

Live today to make God known.

Live today to serve.

Live today for others.

Andrew Kellner

The Rev. Andrew Kellner serves both as the Chaplain and Religion teacher at Saint James School in Philadelphia, PA and as the Associate Rector at Saint Christopher's Church, Gladwyne, PA. In his roles he strives to help students and adults to develop and grow their religious thinking and personal expression of faith.

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