Ordinary Time


Child of God, you are called to a grand adventure.

Child of God, there is peace in this journey.


We know that the whole creation is groaning together and suffering labor pains up until now. And it’s not only the creation. We ourselves who have the Spirit as the first crop of the harvest also groan inside as we wait to be adopted and for our bodies to be set free.

Romans 8:22-23


We live in a world that isn’t the world for which God created us. Life can feel frustrating and pointless at times. We mark off days on the calendar and wonder where the time has gone.

The sun sets each day, a hazy blue twilight of memories. The sun rises each morning, possibly in the pink clouds. And in the repetition of our lives, in the mundane, and even in the painful experiences, God is ever-present.

How are we using each day to embrace the possibility that God gives? What regrets stay with us as we promise ourselves to do better tomorrow? We can let our days pass us by in frustration, futility, and complaint. Or we can choose to turn every moment toward a new creation.

When we turn our moments over to God, we are no longer groaning through each day. When we seek God, the sunrise brings hope of a new day. When we rest in God, the sunset brings peace of time well-spent.

Noelle Owen


God, you have designed a beautiful creation. I choose your glory. Help my heart to stay focused on you. Amen.


In the glow of each morning, seek adventure.

In the shade of each sunset, embrace peace.