It’s an important part of your identity, going to the root of who you are. It speaks to where you come from and, to a large degree, where you are going.

So whose child are you?

Since God is our source, we are children of God, made to be loved and to thrive. In these next few moments, consider who has birthed you into the world and who is nurturing you along the way.

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For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received a spirit of adoption.

Romans 8:14–15a

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Do you ever wonder if you are really a part of God’s family? Someone calls you a mean name at youth group. You don’t feel welcome at a Bible study. You pray without answers coming.

And not only this, but because Jesus is no longer with us on earth and we must depend on the Spirit to be our guide, it’s easy to doubt sometimes. It’s easy to feel lost. And it’s easy to get discouraged by a bad experience every now and then with God’s family on earth.

But Paul tells us that we need not be afraid. We need not worry about our adopted status as sons and daughters of God. We can trust our heavenly Parent who has loved us from the beginning. God knows exactly where we are right now. We belong to Jesus. Jesus has signed our adoption certificates and made us his own. We are children of God and loved fully by our Creator no matter what anyone else says or does. Most amazing of all is that nothing we do can change God’s love for us!

Elizabeth Evans Hagan

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Thank you, Jesus for adopting me into your family and calling me your child. Remind me throughout the day what this means for me: I am beloved! Amen.

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Strong, gentle children, God made you beautiful, gave you the wisdom and power you need; speak in the stillness all you are longing for; live out your calling to love and to lead.

From “Strong, Gentle Children” by Dan Damon

Elizabeth Evans Hagan

Elizabeth Evans Hagan is a pastor, writer, and international nomad. She currently serves as the ambassador of social advocacy at Feed the Children, a non-profit committed to ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry. She blogs regularly about her travels at Preacher on the Plaza.

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