Ordinary Time


"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”

Karl Barth, 20th-century theologian


Clap your hands, all you people! Shout joyfully to God with a joyous shout! Because the Lord Most High is awesome, he is the great king of the whole world. He subdues the nations under us, subdues all people beneath our feet. He chooses our inheritance for us: the heights of Jacob, which he loves. Selah

Psalm 47:1-4


It might seem like today’s psalm is an easy one. After all, it’s no gloomy lament, but an enthusiastic call to celebrate everything God has done.

But just because the call is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Think about it: When was the last time you rejoiced? Maybe you rejoiced the last time you got great news, but do you ever rejoice on purpose? Is that even possible?

Today’s scripture gives us a clue. The songwriter tells the people to rejoice because of how great God is and how much God has done for them. The songwriter can inspire the people to rejoice by calling on them to remember and ponder all the things God has done for them.

What might the church (or the world!) be like if we took up joy as an intentional spiritual practice? Today, make a list of some things God has done for you. Keep the list with you, so you can soak it in all week. Then let yourself lean into the joy!

Caitlin Harper


O God of celebration,
You made me for rejoicing.
Help me cultivate
A strong joy.
Remind me of all you have done for me,
So I can receive
The gift of gratitude.


Knowing that the God who has authority over the whole universe made you and loves you, how will you celebrate this week?