Following the Star


Breathe deeply.

This is the time for you to stop and notice the light on the window, scents in the dry winter air, and the subtle sounds that are the background of your day. Take a moment to notice the beating of your heart and the gentle brush of cloth against your skin.

These moments are a gift that Christ has given you and that you can give back to Christ, the gift of presence and companionship.

Breathe and pause and listen.


Listen to the Lord’s word, you nations, and announce it to the distant islands: The one who scattered Israel will gather them and keep them safe, as a shepherd his flock. The Lord will rescue the people of Jacob and deliver them from the power of those stronger than they are. They will come shouting for joy on the hills of Zion, jubilant over the Lord’s gifts: grain, wine, oil, flocks, and herds. Their lives will be like a lush garden; they will grieve no more.

Jeremiah 31:10-12


There are all kinds of directions, suggestions, and offers out there. Every time we turn on the TV or search the internet, we are bombarded with offers and advice. Many of these offers are trivial: what kind of candy to get or where to get the best price on shoes. Other advice is more serious: what classes to take, what college to attend, what career to choose.

Out of all of these offers, suggestions, and ads, which ones should I listen to? Whom should I trust?

The best direction comes from people who care about me and who have a good track record of advice. God has proven that I can trust what God says. When God leads, I can follow with confidence. God has my best interests at heart. The path that God has laid out will have challenges, it will require my best efforts, yet it is also filled with the joy of God’s presence. Follow the Light.

Linnae Peterson


God, show me the direction to go, the way that will bring life and joy in the middle of the challenges of my life. Help me to follow your light. Amen.


The wise men followed the star. They walked in the light of God’s presence and found Jesus at the end.

Go walk in the light of Christ, knowing that God is with you, and there you will find Jesus.

Go discover the light of Christ that shimmers around you.

Go celebrate the light of Christ with you and within you today.