Breathe deeply.

This is the time for you to stop and notice the light on the window, scents in the dry winter air, and the subtle sounds that are the background of your day. Take a moment to notice the beating of your heart and the gentle brush of cloth against your skin.

These moments are a gift that Christ has given you and that you can give back to Christ, the gift of presence and companionship.

Breathe and pause and listen.

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Then the young women will dance for joy; the young and old men will join in. I will turn their mourning into laughter and their sadness into joy; I will comfort them. I will lavish the priests with abundance and shower my people with my gifts, declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 31:13-14

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It’s a party! A party thrown by God. It’s an image of heaven, but not the image of fluffy clouds with angels floating around with harps. This is a cast party at the end of all the hard work on the play. It is the end-of-season BBQ to celebrate working together as a team. It is a potluck with everyone’s favorite food and the music provided by the best musicians around, while the morning stars sing back-up.

It is the celebration that is constantly going on in the presence of God — and we can join it, any place, any time. Any time we pray, we place ourselves in the presence of God and can join the party of praise that is always going on there.

Worship is part of that celebration as well; it is our piece of this never-ending bash, and everyone is invited. The sign on the door says “Come in! Join the party!” Celebrate the Light.

Linnae Peterson

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Dear God, thank you for the invitation to join the party! Today is a great day to celebrate your love and presence. Amen.

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The wise men followed the star. They walked in the light of God’s presence and found Jesus at the end.

Go walk in the light of Christ, knowing that God is with you, and there you will find Jesus.

Go discover the light of Christ that shimmers around you.

Go celebrate the light of Christ with you and within you today.

Linnae Peterson

Linnae Himsl Peterson received an MDiv from the School of Theology at the University of the South in 1995. She is passionate about creating opportunities for Christian Formation for all people and supporting Formation programs in smaller churches as the coordinator of the Episcopal Christian Formation Network in New Hampshire.  Small town life suits Linnae perfectly and allows her to indulge her enthusiasms for crafting of all kinds and still spend time with her husband and teenager.

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