During Lent, we consider our relationship with the Holy One. We are but dust, yet made in the image of God.

It is two sides of the same coin. We are significant and beloved in God’s eyes, but who do we think we are to stand in the presence of the Almighty and ask for anything?

At God’s request and in God’s mercy, we enter into a covenant relationship. The unconditional love we experience in that relationship compels us to trust God with every fiber of our being.


Now about eight days after these sayings Jesus took with him Peter and John and James, and went up on the mountain to pray. And while he was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became dazzling white. Suddenly they saw two men, Moses and Elijah, talking to him. They appeared in glory and were speaking of his departure, which he was about to accomplish at Jerusalem. Now Peter and his companions were weighed down with sleep; but since they had stayed awake, they saw his glory and the two men who stood with him. Just as they were leaving him, Peter said to Jesus, “Master, it is good for us to be here; let us make three dwellings, one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah” —not knowing what he said.

Luke 9:28-33


Who is on your short list of BFFs?

My best friends are the ones who know when I need to laugh or be quiet. They will help me clean out a closet just to spend time with me. They remember days that are important to me. They care about me even when I am being selfish. They want to share their good news with me and hear about mine. Friends show up for each other at the right moments.

God had covenant friendships with Abraham, then Moses, then Elijah. So when Jesus took his BFFs up on the mountaintop with him to pray, and Moses and Elijah showed up, it must have felt like Homecoming at the fraternity house.

Like Peter, you may not know exactly what to say or do in a holy moment. Just showing up when a friend needs you is often the best thing you can do.

Valerie Burton


Thank you, God, for covenant friends who would climb a mountain for me. When we find ourselves circled up in joy or in sorrow, help us to breathe in the holiness of these moments together. Amen.


I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.

Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.

Psalm 27:13-14 (NIV)