Ordinary Time


God’s words challenge you to live a life worthy of imitation.

Step into the challenge of these words today and be reminded that you are called to shine light into darkness, and the light you shine points back to the love of God.


Her officials give justice for a bribe, and her priests teach for hire. Her prophets offer divination for silver, yet they rely on the Lord, saying, “Isn’t the Lord in our midst? Evil won’t come upon us!” Therefore, because of you, Zion will be plowed like a field, Jerusalem will become piles of rubble, and the temple mount will become an overgrown mound.

Micah 3:11-12


I read the text several times. My friends are separating and getting divorced. So many questions… how did it come to this? Who is to blame? Why? I will never get –neither do I deserve – answers. What I know is that sometimes, things end badly, despite our best efforts.

That appears to be happening with the nation Micah is addressing. Many of the religious leaders are the problem because they have abandoned the call of God for personal gain. Destruction is coming, despite them saying the right words about God.

Spoken words are important, but far less important than the condition of your heart. If you hear people claiming things that do not mesh with God’s story in the Bible, then their words may be intended to lead you astray. Your community needs people who will challenge the misleading words and turn their trust and faith toward Christ. Others may not follow, as is happening with Micah, and you may not be able to understand why, but in the end, you cannot change another’s heart. You can protect yours and show people the way of Christ.

Brian Foreman


God, I pray that others see you in me. I pray that when I remain confident in your teachings that my words match my heart. I pray that your presence shines brightly through me into places where others are misled. Amen.


You are the light of your community.

You are the salt of the neighborhood.

You carry God’s truth to the places you go.

Be confident that imitating Christ is your call, even imperfectly.

Be bold in lifting others up in a world that seeks to put them down.

Remember your brothers and sisters, and pray for them this day.