Journey to the Cross


Feeling thirsty?

Your body is crying out: hydrate!

Your health, your wellbeing, your life depend on water.

And your spiritual life?

We drink the living water provided by Jesus.

Do you have your cup ready?


Come, let’s worship and bow down! Let’s kneel before the Lord, our maker! He is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, the sheep in his hands.

Psalm 95:6-7a


To bow down and to kneel are ways of recognizing the power, the glory, the majesty of God. It takes humbleness and the acknowledgement of who we are compared to God. Kneeling is not to humiliate yourself. Kneeling is to grow and enrich your life in the presence of the One who knows you inside-out. It is to grow and enrich your life in the presence of the One who is your God.

We can kneel physically, but God wants you to surrender all your being: time, talents, and treasure. How much time are you giving to God by serving others? What talents are you using to praise God through your actions? How much are you willing to give from what God has provided to you?

Yes, the Lord is our God. Let us today bow down, kneel, surrender all.

Laura Ayala


Dear Jesus, I am yours.

I bow down and I kneel, acknowledging that you are my God.



As the Living Water submerges you, kneel before the Lord.