“In God alone my soul can find rest and peace.
In God my peace and joy.
Only in God my soul can find its rest.
Find its rest and peace.”

Taizé chant

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Sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing to the Lord! Bless his name! Share the news of his saving work every single day! Declare God’s glory among the nations; declare his wondrous works among all people because the Lord is great and so worthy of praise. He is awesome beyond all other gods.

Psalm 96:1-4

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I love to sing hymns and praise songs. Whether I’m in church or in my car. Whether I’m helping to lead worship or sitting among the congregation. I find that singing helps me connect with God and others in a way that is unlike any other. The words ebb and flow from a place deep within me. I am reminded of what is true, what always has been true, and what always will be true.

The book of Psalms itself is a collection of “praises” or songs for worship. I find it interesting that this one is telling us to sing. Not unlike a favorite popular musician or band today encouraging the audience to “sing along” at a concert. The psalmist urges us to sing. To join in with the other voices already praising. As we enter into song we find that God is love. That we are loved. And that we are constantly being invited to enter deeper into that love and to share it with others. Sing a song today. Come on. Sing!

Chad Senuta

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God, there is nothing more worthy of song than you and your love. Help me to hear the great song of praise that carries from before time and echoes through all of creation. And help me to be brave enough to lift my voice and join in. Amen.

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Go in safety, for you cannot go where God is not.

Go in love, for love alone endures.

And go in peace, for that is God’s gift to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Chad Senuta

Chad Senuta serves as the Associate for Youth and Campus Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. He is passionate about helping young people develop a lifelong friendship with God. He lives in Northfield, Illinois with his wife Lisa and two daughters.

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