“In God alone my soul can find rest and peace.
In God my peace and joy.
Only in God my soul can find its rest.
Find its rest and peace.”

Taizé chant

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After Jesus finished presenting all his words among the people, he entered Capernaum. A centurion had a servant who was very important to him, but the servant was ill and about to die. When the centurion heard about Jesus, he sent some Jewish elders to Jesus to ask him to come and heal his servant.

Luke 7:1-3

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There are times that we know how desperately we need Jesus. But it may be difficult for us to go to God directly. Maybe there is something that stands in the way. We may doubt or feel unworthy. We may need to forgive someone or be forgiven ourselves. We might think our needs are too small or insignificant to merit God’s attention. Or perhaps we just feel like an outsider. Not like the “real Christians” who attend all the services, know the big church words, and sing in the choir.

The centurion in this gospel is very much outside the Jewish faith and culture. In fact, as a soldier, he is a member of an occupying force that causes resentment and even hostility for the Jews. This is likely the reason he asks for the elders to go on his behalf and approach Jesus. Thankfully, he has someone to send as his intermediary. Who do you know that you could ask to bring Jesus to you when you feel distant, isolated, and unable to approach God?

Chad Senuta

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God, sometimes I feel like I’m not even worthy of your attention and presence. Give me friends and family that can bring you near. And help me to ask those that I trust to intercede on my behalf. Amen.

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Go in safety, for you cannot go where God is not.

Go in love, for love alone endures.

And go in peace, for that is God’s gift to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Chad Senuta

Chad Senuta serves as the Associate for Youth and Campus Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. He is passionate about helping young people develop a lifelong friendship with God. He lives in Northfield, Illinois with his wife Lisa and two daughters.

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