“In God alone my soul can find rest and peace.
In God my peace and joy.
Only in God my soul can find its rest.
Find its rest and peace.”

Taizé chant

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When they came to Jesus, they earnestly pleaded with Jesus. “He deserves to have you do this for him,” they said. “He loves our people and he built our synagogue for us.”

Luke 7:4-5

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I have a dear friend who has been very generous to me. I once told him that I didn’t “deserve” his generosity, support, and love. He responded by saying that he didn’t deserve to have toes, but he had them. His point? Not to get caught up in trying to earn or deserve love from God or others. It’s something that we just have, in the same way that the sun just shines. It’s warmth and light are simply there for us to enjoy.

The Roman centurion’s friends come to Jesus on his behalf. He has been so kind to his Jewish neighbors that he built their house of worship, despite the fact that they are subjects of the powerful Roman Empire. Certainly this merits a visit from the rabbi. Yet the centurion remains at home, relying on his friends to plead his case.

Our feelings of unworthiness can leave us feeling trapped and cut off from God. How might you step into the light and embrace God’s love today regardless of what you think you deserve?

Chad Senuta

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God, I can easily fall into the trap of thinking I either deserve you for doing something good or that I’m unworthy because of doing something bad. Help me to know that you and your love are always available to me no matter what. Amen.

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Go in safety, for you cannot go where God is not.

Go in love, for love alone endures.

And go in peace, for that is God’s gift to those who are in Christ Jesus.

Chad Senuta

Chad Senuta serves as the Associate for Youth and Campus Ministry for the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago. He is passionate about helping young people develop a lifelong friendship with God. He lives in Northfield, Illinois with his wife Lisa and two daughters.

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