Ordinary Time


We scramble through many of our days, hopeful that things will turn out well, and sometimes fearful that we may come up short. Will our resources be equal to each day’s demands?

As followers of Christ, we want to be faithful—and capable—in the face of life’s challenges.

We should know that there is enough grace, enough mercy, enough love—and enough time, just now—to meet the day.


Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a deserted place by himself. But when the crowds heard it, they followed him on foot from the towns.

Matthew 14:13


It’s very important to note that the phrase, “Now when Jesus heard this…” immediately follows Jesus being told that John had been murdered by King Herod. That’s John the Baptist to you and me, the one who baptized Jesus. But to Jesus he was also “Cousin John.”

So Jesus withdraws to a deserted place—by himself. He goes away to grieve, most likely. But we find Jesus in the habit of going away, and there seems to be always this reason: in order to give himself away in service.

The crowd follows Jesus. They want his service; they need his touch. Jesus knows their need is great. To have enough inner resources for ministry, he has to allow for a time of rest before.

It is always so.

Nick Foster


Lord, I want to take time today to rest in you so that I will be prepared for the service I want to give. I will start…right now. Amen.


There is plenty. You need only take a little time to wait on God; then you will be prepared for the work God has for you.

So do not be discouraged; you can make a difference. The result may be greater than you can imagine.

There is enough and more than enough mercy, grace, and love to carry you. To carry us all.