In our day-to-day lives of deadlines and expectations, we are challenged to remember that we are saved, by the grace of God, through our faith. We are not saved by perfection or status or wealth; we are saved by a relationship with God. We cannot earn salvation through good works or right words. God’s love and our faith in God is what saves us.

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Some of the redeemed were fools because of their sinful ways. They suffered because of their wickedness. They had absolutely no appetite for food; they had arrived at death’s gates. So they cried out to the Lord in their distress, and God saved them from their desperate circumstances. God gave the order and healed them; he rescued them from their pit. Let them thank the Lord for his faithful love and his wondrous works for all people. Let them offer thanksgiving sacrifices and declare what God has done in songs of joy!

Psalm 107:17-22

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Do you ever feel like life is a constant cycle of ups and downs? One day everything seems possible and the next everything seems impossible. Have you ever felt like you are in a pit? We humans are prone to these ups and downs. Sometimes these highs and lows are clearly beyond our own individual control. But sometimes, as scripture points out, we are fools because of our sinful ways – even if we are redeemed!

This scripture also reminds us that our God is compassionate and is always ready to respond to calls of distress. God does give us order, making a way forward when there was none. God does heal us, even if healing is unrecognizable or takes longer than we’d like. When you read the invitation “let them offer thanksgiving sacrifices,” what are you inspired to do? What song of joy helps you to declare the good things God has done?

Becky Ullom Naugle

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Rescuing God, thank you for hearing my prayers, regardless of whether they are full of distress, thanksgiving, or joy. I am grateful for the times you have rescued me from the pit of despair and comforted by knowing that you will do it again if necessary. Strengthen my faith today and in the days to come. Amen.

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Go into your day-to-day life confidently, knowing that God has brought you to life with Christ. Remember God’s love for you; remember your faith in God. You cannot go where God is not!

Becky Ullom Naugle

Becky Ullom Naugle, director of youth/young adult ministry for the Church of the Brethren, lives with her husband Patrick in northern Illinois. They enjoy family time, pets, the family lake house, and the Rocky Mountains.

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