Will you let me be your servant,
let me be as Christ to you?
Pray that I may have the grace to
let you be my servant, too.

Richard Gillard, “The Servant Song” (1977)

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We didn’t ask for special treatment from people—not from you or from others—although we could have thrown our weight around as Christ’s apostles. Instead, we were gentle with you like a nursing mother caring for her own children. We were glad to share not only God’s good news with you but also our very lives because we cared for you so much.

1 Thessalonians 2:6-8

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Our church office just adopted a new kitten we found outside. Waffles has found his way into everyone’s heart, and it is so wonderful to see the different people in the office pick him up and treat him so gently.

Gentleness is something Paul says is important for serving faithfully. We need to serve others gently. Even tough love needs to be presented gently. Otherwise, the person may not receive the service or the love of Christ behind it.

Once I went to the gym and played some 1-on-1 basketball with a total stranger. He played pretty rough, and I was not sure if we were playing basketball or rugby. After we were done, he asked me if I was saved. As we talked, he confronted me by saying that how I see faith was not right — not like he saw it. His attempt to share his faith was just as aggressive as his basketball game. It really turned me off.

So my friends, when you are serving, do so gently.

Andy Hart

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Gracious God, thank you for helping me be a faithful servant. Remind me to be gentle in my speech and actions. May I do no harm in your name. Amen.

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Go in peace and serve the Lord.

Andy Hart

Andrew Hart serves the Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring in Chambersburg, PA. He writes weekly devotions for veterans, and his book, God Has Your Six, Devotions for Vets and Their Families will be published next year. He plays basketball and golf.

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