From time to time, we all make decisions which cause hurt to someone we love. Our decisions can result in estrangement and alienation in our relationships, including our relationship with God.

It is not easy to admit our human failure or to seek forgiveness from those whom we have alienated or injured. The good news is that God longs to be in relationship with us. God offers forgiveness and grace, even when we fall short.

So come and rest in the grace of God.

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The Lord God said to the snake, “Because you did this, you are the one cursed out of all the farm animals, out of all the wild animals. On your belly you will crawl, and dust you will eat every day of your life.

I will put contempt between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers. They will strike your head, but you will strike at their heels.”

Genesis 3:14-15

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Our decisions have a direct impact upon outcomes. For example, texting while driving can lead to serious accidents as well as tragic and untimely deaths. By contrast, pay raises or promotions reward individuals who work hard at their jobs, produce quality work, and are dedicated employees.

Decisions also affect our relationships with others and God. Poor relationship decisions, like dishonesty, deception, and poor communication, alienate us from those whom we love. These destroy relationships. In today’s scripture lesson, the serpent had been deceitful and conniving. The result was broken relationships with God and other creatures.

God understands that we make mistakes. God wants to be in strong relationship with us. In order for our relationship with God to grow and strengthen we must make good relationship decisions. Our relationship with God grows when we are honest, open, and dedicated to healthy communication. God invites us to a genuine and honest relationship.

Annell George-McLawhorn

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God, I want to be in genuine relationship with you. Forgive the times I approach you with deceit and dishonesty. Help me to be open and honest. I celebrate your forgiveness that lifts me up when I fall. Amen.

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God’s love for you is unconditional. God’s forgiveness is sure.

Live a life of gratitude for God’s grace. Offer to others the forgiveness that God has offered to you. By learning and living a life of forgiveness, your heart will be lightened, and your soul will soar.

Annell George-McLawhorn

Annell George-McLawhorn is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She is currently serving Westview Christian Church in Wilson, NC. Her husband, Ed, is an engineer; daughter, Emily, a violinist and teacher; son, Avery a chemistry major at NC State. Annell also has a small business making spoon jewelry and glass art.

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