Jesus, Light of the world, come and sit with me.

Shine your wisdom unto me.

Jesus, Light of my life, come and be still with me.

Direct me in your truth.

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The Lord is my light and my salvation. Should I fear anyone? The Lord is a fortress protecting my life. Should I be frightened of anything?

Psalm 27:1

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A little bit of fear doesn’t hurt, right? We’ve been told, after all, to stay away from danger, be it a hot stove or strangers bribing us with free candy or cuddly puppies. Mama done raised me right — I shall harbor a little bit of fear to keep me in good standing with the world! There is, however, a difference between caution and fear. The former is healthy and often a practice of sound judgment while the latter can be debilitating and a practice of living in darkness.

In today’s passage, the psalmist boldly claims the Lord to be the promise of salvation and assurance. It’s a truth statement and a practice of living in the light. The difference between this stance of bold proclamation and a stance of fear is undeniable. The psalmist proclaims the promise that the Light of the world will take care of us. No amount of fear can hurt with this promise of life.

Aram Bae

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Jesus, Light of the world, thank you the gift of life found in you. Guide me to practice living in your light. Empower me to shine your love, mercy, and grace even in the smallest ways, so that the promise of your Light extends beyond the people and world that I know. Amen.

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Christ my Redeemer, be alive and real in my life.

Christ my Friend, be near and true to your word.

Christ my Light, be honored in what I say and do.

Aram Bae

After ten years in New York City, Rev. Dr. Aram Bae moved to Charlottesville, VA and is the Associate Pastor for Youth & Mission at First Presbyterian Church. Aram continues to teach Christian education courses as an adjunct professor at the New York Theological Seminary, but does so remotely. In addition to her passion for youth ministry, there is nothing she loves more than a (large) plate of fried chicken, barbecue ribs, and collard greens. Cornbread sweetens the pot, too.

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