The shepherd reminds us of simpler times and slower lives. Embrace the life of a shepherd today – living more simply, moving more slowly.

Stop and have a conversation you normally don’t have time for. At some point today, sit quietly with no screen for as long as you can.

Rest now in God’s goodness.

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You set a table for me right in front of my enemies. You bathe my head in oil; my cup is so full it spills over! Yes, goodness and faithful love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the Lord’s house as long as I live.

Psalm 23:5-6

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At first glance, this verse bothers me. It feels arrogant to want to eat a fancy dinner right in front of my enemies. But this feast is the result of living a fearless life – it’s like we’re eating a feast or standing tall right in front of the person who would rather see us balled up in the corner afraid. It’s not about us taunting them; it’s about being free of the fear they use to control. As Christians, we are called to live without allowing fear to paralyze us; fears like making a wrong decision, failing at work or school, being bullied, or not standing up to someone bullying another.

When we trust God to lead us, when we become God’s followers, the cup of our life overflows to others. Our lives become an empowering gift to those we encounter – not from our own strength, but from God’s abundance. God intends for us to share and live and love without being afraid. Because we are God’s children and God loves us, and nothing is as powerful as that.

David Burroughs

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God of the fearful, free me from that fear, help me to live into the amazing reality that you love me and protect me and provide for me for all of my days. Help me to free others from that fear, claiming our heritage as your children. Thank you for your love. Amen.

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As you leave this quiet space, moving on to what this day will bring, take the faith that God is with you, the trust that God is leading you, and the peace that comes from Holy contentment.

David Burroughs

David Burroughs is the president of Passport Camps, which produces He was on the design team for the first Following the Star in 2001, offered as a devotional response for teenagers living in the realities of 9/11. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife Colleen, and their teenage children, Milligan and Walker.

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