Jesus is the Way – our pathway and our traveling companion.

He shows us where we're going, and how to get there together. He invites us to join the journey.

Can you hear Jesus calling your name? Will you follow?

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Christ didn’t send me to baptize but to preach the good news. And Christ didn’t send me to preach the good news with clever words so that Christ’s cross won’t be emptied of its meaning.

The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are being destroyed. But it is the power of God for those of us who are being saved.

1 Corinthians 1:17-18

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Sometimes the Way of Jesus feels lonely – other times, it feels ridiculous. Jesus's cross is a symbol of humility and being willing to give all in love. To those who don't understand its value system, Paul says, the meaning of the cross is foolishness. To a world that values power-hoarding and the desire to gain, the cross is simply silly.

Some people want to create a conflict between religion and education, as if science, literature, and even history cannot coexist with a life of faith. But the "foolishness" of Christ's way isn't contrary to thoughtfulness and learning. Instead, it is contrary to the conventional wisdom of our world, which teaches us that what counts is power over others and what matters is money over people. Even churches and believers can be tempted to trade the humility of following Jesus for the clever clickbait of influencers.

Together, we can follow a new Way.

Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

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God of the Way, I rejoice in the foolishness of your Good News! Remind me again and again of the world's so-called wisdom and the damage it may do to my heart and to your people. Give me courage to spread the foolish message of ultimate love. Amen.

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The Way is waiting for you. Take steps forward or even backward. Slow down or sprint or skip like a child. Whether your pace is fast or slow, steady or stumbling, Jesus welcomes you to follow him to God's glorious kingdom.

Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

Nikki Finkelstein-Blair is an ordained Baptist minister, military spouse, and mom of two boys. She loves making things: weaving stoles for pastors, writing devotionals and curriculum, and knitting almost anything but socks. You can follow her blog at for more seasonal reflections, and for thoughts on making things, moving around, and being a 40-something beginning violinist.

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