Be still.

Let the day wait.

Now is the time to listen with intention to God.

What do you hear?

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They feast on the bounty of your house; you let them drink from your river of pure joy. Within you is the spring of life. In your light, we see light.

Extend your faithful love to those who know you; extend your righteousness to those whose heart is right.

Psalm 36:8-10

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The gifts of God come in many forms. Over the past year, I have received gifts from God. I could not hold most in my hands. I am thankful for the gift of a new friendship after feeling betrayed by an old friend. I am grateful for new experiences and a new church home. I do not always know I am receiving a gift from God. Sometimes, it takes some unwrapping to see how a change can be a gift.

The Psalmist praises God for allowing him to feast on the bounty of God’s house. God gives him life and joy and light. God surrounds him with love and righteousness.

Sometimes, I am so focused on what I do not have that I cannot see God’s gifts. God offers me a feast. Do I eat the bounty offered? Do I drink from the river of pure joy? Where is the life and light in my own life? Do I know God and God’s faithful love? Is my heart right? Do I allow God to extend righteousness to me?

Deborah Guy

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God of bountiful gifts, I take a look at all you’ve given me. (Name some of God’s gifts to you.) I celebrate these gifts; I feast on your goodness; I drink from your joy. Thank you, Lord! Amen.

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Go into the world being the distribution point of all the gifts God has given you, so that the world may know God’s glory and believe.

Deborah Hurd Guy

Deborah Guy lives in Georgia with her cat Midnight. She is an Episcopalian and a writer. Her current book project combines research into the academic literature on poverty and the experiences of the poor in hopes of stripping away the middle class overlay of values and experiences that may blind those who want to help to the practical ways those living in poverty may actually want and need to be helped.

Wondrous Love: O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go

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