The moments of our lives may be bright with possibility, dark with fear or sadness, or even plain everyday gray, but God's glory never fades.

God's presence deepens our joys, comforts our concerns, and settles our restlessness.

Take time to look into the brights and darks and grays of your day.

Seek the One whose glory shines in the light and through the darkness.

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The Lord rules— the nations shake! He sits enthroned on the winged heavenly creatures— the earth quakes! The Lord is great in Zion; he is exalted over all the nations. Let them thank your great and awesome name. He is holy!

Psalm 99:1-3

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What does it mean to praise God?

We praise God for who God is. We experience God in the lessons we learn, the guidance we receive, the gifts we are given, and we give thanks for those lessons, guidance, and gifts. But our thanksgiving turns into praise when we recognize who God is, and we honor our Teacher, Guide, Generous Giver.

Moses (in Genesis) and Jesus' disciples (in Matthew) experienced first-hand the amazing glory of God, the physical expression of who God is in cloud, in bright light, in the law, in the face of Jesus. Later, apostles encouraged the churches with their own witness to God's glory. The Psalmist, too, knew God's presence in the everyday human experiences of joy and heartbreak, victory and fear.

Those who have seen, heard, and felt God's presence cannot help but praise. Even our own painful heartbreaks and terrifying fears can be wrapped in the hovering cloud and shining light of God's glory, and we can join in singing praise to God's great and awesome name.

Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

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God, help me to see, hear, and feel your presence even in my most difficult moments, so I can receive your teachings, your guidance, and your gifts. Help me to know you better so I can praise you more: for you are my Teacher, my Guide, my most Generous Giver. I praise you, for you alone are holy! Amen.

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May God's glory shine into the exciting lights, upsetting darks, and boring grays of your every day.

May God’s continuing presence shine through you, bringing joy, comfort, and calm.

Through you, may others be inspired to praise God!

Nikki Finkelstein-Blair

Nikki Finkelstein-Blair is an ordained Baptist minister, military spouse, and mom of two boys. Her family moves every few years, and she is learning to enjoy the surprises of God’s call within the changes and challenges of military life. She knits, sews, reads, paints a bit, preaches occasionally, and writes blog posts and devotionals.

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