Ordinary Time


When faced with rough waters and stormy winds we ask:

Will I make it? Will God carry me through the storm? Is God enough?

A 4th century martyr, Severus of Thrace, wrote:

“To all who are tossed by the waves, Lord, you are the calm of the harbor; you are the hope of the hopeful.”


So they cried out to the Lord in their distress, and God brought them out safe from their desperate circumstances. God quieted the storm to a whisper;
the sea’s waves were hushed. So they rejoiced because the waves had calmed down; then God led them to the harbor they were hoping for. Let them thank the Lord for his faithful love and his wondrous works for all people. Let them exalt God in the congregation of the people and praise God in the assembly of the elders.

Psalm 107:28-32


The Psalm begins with a word about God’s faithful love. Then, to show what God’s faithful love looks like, the songwriter tells a story about a time when God saved God’s people from trouble. Now, in a sort of grand finale, the Psalmist calls for rejoicing – a sensible response for people who have been delivered from a desperate situation. The God whose love is enough in the storm deserves to be celebrated.

What kind of story would you tell, if you could step into the Psalm writer’s role? What kinds of storms has God helped you through? What are some of the challenges you’ve overcome, even though you were afraid you couldn’t? What did those experiences show you about God’s faithful love? What did they give you to celebrate? How might those memories comfort you the next time you feel like you’re in the middle of a storm?

Justin Joplin


Wow, God! Your faithful love is amazing. It never ends. Help me to share it as abundantly as I have received it. Amen.


As you go, carry this conviction deep in your heart: Through calm and chaos, God’s faithful love is enough to sustain you.