Is God enough for you to be enough?

Too often, we focus so much on our own accomplishments and failures that we forget that God is behind the scenes, beneath our feet, beyond our imaginations doing unexpected things and offering undeserved grace. And maybe that’s enough . . .

“God has the power to provide you with more than enough of every kind of grace. That way, you will have everything you need always and in everything to provide more than enough for every kind of good work.”

2 Corinthians 9:8

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Then Jesus said, “This is what God’s kingdom is like. It’s as though someone scatters seed on the ground, then sleeps and wakes night and day. The seed sprouts and grows, but the farmer doesn’t know how. The earth produces crops all by itself, first the stalk, then the head, then the full head of grain. Whenever the crop is ready, the farmer goes out to cut the grain because it’s harvesttime.”

Mark 4:26-29

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When I was in middle school, I found it impossible to sleep in on Saturday mornings because I was always afraid that I was missing out on something, that life-changing events were going on without me.

Turns out, I was right.

If this parable is to be believed, things are happening in the dark while we’re asleep. Big things. God-sized things.

The funny thing is, though, this reality is not meant to cause us to lose sleep, but just the opposite. Knowing that God is at work when we’re at rest, according to Jesus, should allow us to rest easy. Instead of the dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), we’re invited to experience the liberating Rest Of Trusting God.

And wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on that?

Dave McNeely

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God, sometimes I feel like everything depends on me. Help me to rest in the knowledge that you are working behind the scenes, even when I’m asleep, to help your kingdom grow. And give me a heart of wonder to wake up to the joy of your work. Amen.

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“Our hearts are restless until they find rest in You.”


Beneath our concerns that we may never be or have enough, may we seek and find rest in God’s abundant enough.

Dave McNeely

Dave McNeely currently serves as the Faith & Justice Scholars Coordinator and Adjunct Professor of Religion at Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, TN. He is married to Mandy and has two boys, Christopher and Noah.

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