Dial down the volume in your life. Breathe deeply, close your eyes, and listen.

Can you hear it, the still small voice?

You are not alone. God is near. The great I AM is with you — now and always.

Revel in God’s nearness.

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“Therefore, as God’s offspring, we have no need to imagine that the divine being is like a gold, silver, or stone image made by human skill and thought. God overlooks ignorance of these things in times past, but now directs everyone everywhere to change their hearts and lives.”

Acts 17:29-30

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We’re into stuff. That’s about all you see when you turn on a television or search your computer or phone: stuff — ads everywhere. Unfortunately, the pursuit of stuff can become THE priority of our lives. What image made of human design or skill has caught your eye? What’s distracting you?

In today’s verses, Paul stood among the idols of Athens undistracted. He said “This unknown God I’m sharing with you is more than these pretty images – we are God's offspring.” God is your heavenly parent – your creator, your savior. Paul had experienced God in the most personal of ways. He wanted that for his listeners.

Too often Christians walk through life distracted by the allure of worldly stuff while holding in the one secret that changes everything — God’s presence through Christ.

Who needs to hear that secret today? Will you share it with words and actions?

Bill Ogletree

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God, today let me see you in your fullness. Let me acknowledge you in all that I do and say, sharing your presence in my life and your availability to all. Thank you for being near. Amen.

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I know who goes before me

I know who stands behind

The God of angel armies

Is always by my side

from “Whom Shall I Fear” by Chris Tomlin, 2013

Bill Ogletree

Bill Ogletree is a professor at Western Carolina University where he chairs the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. His professional interests center on the communication needs and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities. When not at work, Bill enjoys time with his wife and family, an assortment of pets, and a variety of stringed instruments.

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