The greatest mystery of our faith is the identity, work, and purpose of the Holy Spirit.

As elusive as the wind, the Spirit evades our capture yet manages to touch, nudge, comfort, or trip us just the same.

Rather than attempting to capture, predict, or define the Spirit, why not simply affirm that the Spirit is and open your heart, inviting God's mysterious Spirit to take up residence in you.

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I prophesied just as I was commanded. There was a great noise as I was prophesying, then a great quaking, and the bones came together, bone by bone. When I looked, suddenly there were sinews on them. The flesh appeared, and then they were covered over with skin. But there was still no breath in them.

He said to me, “Prophesy to the breath; prophesy, human one! Say to the breath, The Lord God proclaims: Come from the four winds, breath! Breathe into these dead bodies and let them live.”

I prophesied just as he commanded me. When the breath entered them, they came to life and stood on their feet, an extraordinarily large company.

Ezekiel 37:7-10

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Once I prophesied to the dry bones.

Nothing happened.

Not a creak, a rasping or even a rattle. Silence.

I wondered what I had done wrong. Was it the wrong prophecy? Was it delivered at the wrong time? With the wrong words? To the wrong people? Was God not present? Had I just imagined that God gave me those words?

Then a miracle occurred!

Bones connected with sinew. Muscles attached. Slowly they rose. AMAZING...

Then, they began to turn toward me... and move toward me... WAIT... WHAT?  Without warning they were shambling and shuffling, reaching out for me with hostile resolve. Frozen by my fear, they crashed over me, trampling and bloodying me with their feet. Then, there was only darkness.

I awoke in agonizing pain, bruised and broken but somehow still alive. The silence rang in my ears. Somehow, I had survived.

Then, I sensed I was not alone and that, yes, I had indeed spoken the right words.

Will you?

Wade Griffith

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God, give me the courage to speak the words you give me. May my confidence come from you and your purposes rather than the circumstances I face. Amen.

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Today, don't forget that God's Spirit is with you and for you! Receive this gift. Just ask, and off you'll go, arm in arm!

Who knows what adventures, tasks, or opportunities the Spirit might have in store for you today? Let the future begin!

Wade Griffith

Wade Griffith is a husband, father, and pastor in Birmingham, AL. He attended divinity school at Vanderbilt University and leads an inclusive church that warmly welcomes those who are not accepted in other faith communities. When he has a free moment, he enjoys backpacking, reading, running, gardening, Alabama football, and wrestling with his boys.

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