Ordinary Time


Tell me the story of Jesus.
Write on my heart every word;
Tell me the story most precious,
Sweetest that ever was heard.

Fanny Crosby in "Tell me the story of Jesus" (1880)


Truth springs up from the ground; righteousness gazes down from heaven. Yes, the Lord gives what is good, and our land yields its produce. Righteousness walks before God, making a road for his steps.

Psalm 85:11-13


Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine you are in the middle of Texas on a hot summer’s day in July. It’s 90° outside, and you have been playing ball all afternoon and are now desperately in need of water. You’re making your way back inside, but it’s about a 5-minute walk. As you get closer and closer to the indoors, your mouth gets drier and drier. Your feet feel heavy, and the heat is getting to you. When you finally make it to the door, the cold air from the air conditioner instantly hits as you and someone hands you a cool glass of water.

That is what it feels like when the Lord gives what is good. I mean, one of the first things God created was water! There is also goodness to be found in each step we make on the road that God sets before us. We just need to practice looking for the good things God provides. What are three things that you have to be thankful for today? Name them. Thank God for the goodness in them. And maybe look for ways to share a cup of water with someone who needs to see God’s love today.

Milligan Burroughs


God of Goodness, thank you for providing me with what I need today. Help me to be able to see all the small and big ways your goodness surrounds me. In Christ, Amen.


Take the time to HEAR God’s STORY;

JOIN with others who encourage your faith;

ACT out your faith in the world around you;

Boldly continue to WRITE your part into God’s STORY.